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Hufflepuffs sharing a laugh [Oct. 4th, 2011|04:21 am]
Pencil on paper, then photocopied so copic markers won't smear graphite.
Yeah, i got sorted to Hufflepuff on pottermore.
This, however, marks me taking a break from pm, so i can get some real life stuff taken care of. Enjoy!

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Sketch: Snaggle-toothed cat [Sep. 29th, 2011|10:21 pm]
Rejected concept sketch from work.
Boss choose a sleeping cat for this project.
Thought snaggle kitteh too cute not to share.
Pencil on paper.

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Click here! (not spam, i promise!) [Sep. 10th, 2011|07:42 pm]
Ballpoint on paper.
Unused sketch for a work self promotion email blast.
I thought it cute enough to share.


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Old memories [Sep. 4th, 2011|05:53 pm]
Mixed media, collage on canvas

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Only the Beginning - Jem [Aug. 8th, 2011|12:04 am]
copics & sakura micron pigmas on 3 x 5" notecard.

i didn't get to see much of this cartoon growing up, but i liked what i did see.

since i did a more modern revamp of pizzazz, i had to give jem a newer look, too.

"Jem" is © Hasbro.
art is © me.

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Nook cover, sharpies & @copicmarkers [Jul. 21st, 2011|04:02 am]
The other side of my nook cover.
A tribute to writing & reading, with a nod to one of my fav PBS shows growing up.
Sharpies used to line, copics used to color.
Any suggestions on how to set or waterproof? Cover is neoprene, i think.
Note: camera on my phone has only one setting: horizontal. Sorry! Will try to rotate when i'm online next.

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nook cover, colored w/ @copicmarkers [Jul. 21st, 2011|03:47 am]
Cover for my nook.
Plain white means i can draw on it!!!11
sharpie outlines & copic to color & shade.
Yes, my nook is named "tom". Don't judge.

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wip: dreamboat annie/dog & butterfly [Jul. 17th, 2011|02:56 am]
Customizing a pair a shoes. Work in progress.
Heart is one of my favorite bands. the songs "Dreamboat Annie" & "Dog & Butterfly" have meaning for me.
mostly though, just thought these would be fun.
Sharpies on van sneakers.
Would be using @copicmarkers but dunno if they are waterproof.

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(no subject) [Jun. 27th, 2011|11:04 pm]

seriously thinking of disabling all comments to discourage the spammers.
true, i already screen all comments, so what readers i do have don't see them.
but they still show in my inbox. not cool.

also, i may have accidentally deleted all comments trying to get rid of the spammy ones.
oy. that should teach me to try to fix things when i'm tired.

He's good people. Concept redesign [Jun. 8th, 2011|04:34 am]
Interbotics, inc.
Model: TrV series
Serial #: TRV-0R11
This model is a rare find.
Most units didn't last long due to the tough labor with which they were employed, or do to the owner taking out frustration on the personality quirks these units developed over time.
Pre-dates intergalatic robo civil rights acts.
project concept/redesign w/ @kotaotan

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